Le publicateur légal

Web platform that simplifies legal notice publishing for individuals and organizations with user-friendly interface and experience.

Project Brief

Le publicateur légal

The goal of this project is to create a website for a company that specializes in publishing legal announcements. The website will serve as a platform for individuals and organizations to publish legal notices in accordance with the relevant regulations.

Our Mission

We have been tasked with designing and developing an intuitive app that provides users with an easy way to send their announcements.


Le Publicateur Légal


Zakaria ELazrak


3 Months

le publicateur legal web app

Design Choices

Colors Scheme

The color palette consists of a deep navy blue, a darker shade of blue and muted gold. The navy blues represent stability and security, while the gold symbolizes knowledge and wisdom. This color palette conveys a sense of professionalism, reliability, and trust, making it a good choice for a law related firm website.

Design Choices

Playfair Display and Poppins for Typography

Playfair Display's classic and elegant serif style can convey a professional and sophisticated look that reflects positively on a law firm's reputation. Poppins' clean and modern sans-serif style ensures clear and easy-to-read text, making it an excellent choice for body text or areas where readability is crucial.



Home Page

A well-designed home page is critical for creating a positive first impression and introducing the brand. the home page has a hero section, services section, latest announcements section, and a contact section at the end. Each section has a call to action that guides users to the main service and encourages action.